The Sun…..friend or foe?

Ah, the happy hormone is produced with exposure to the sun.  the dark sun kissed skin looks so healthy and our appearance, well it looks like we have lost a few pounds…the reality…

Premature aging, pigmentation, wrinkles and in worse cases,

Over exposure the sun  destroys our healthy skin cells, breaks down collagen and elastin and stimulates our melanocytes (pigment cells) to over produce melanin, resulting in visible pigmentation (the dark spots you see on hands and faces).  



So, how do we protect and prevent our skin from sun damage and premature aging in this harsh QLD climate? The answer is simple……… use a SPF, Sun Protection Factor and a hat.

 Most of us know about SPF and the importance of using one but not many of us actually use a 30+ SPF on our face, neck and chest on daily basis. Its only when the pigmentation starts to come out, premature aging becomes noticeable and the worry starts to kick in that we start using SPF. Sun damage is one of the hardest skin conditions to treat and prevention is better than cure.


Image from Sun Smart website

Myths about sunbathing;

  1. That it’s safe to tan as long as you wear sunscreen
  2. That skin cancer isn’t that big a deal
  3. 80 percent of sun damage occurs before age 18, so the injury is already done.”
  4. If you have dark skin you don’t need to worry.
  5. As long as you protect my face, it’s OK
  6. Anything above SPF 15 is a waste.
  7. Sunscreen isn’t necessary outside of ‘peak tanning hours
  8. Allergies to all sunscreens
  9. Certain chemicals in some sunscreens make wearing them more dangerous than skipping them.”
  10. But I need sun to get enough vitamin D

 There is no such thing as a safe tan,  “A tan is literally your body’s response to being injured by UV exposure,” says Darrell Rigel, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Centre.

Sun Smart Aus recommends Queenslander spend no more than a few mins every day in the sun to get your Vitamin D intake. That’s it, only a few minutes every day!!

Please be sun safe this summer, your future self with be thankful for it.

Your Oi Skin Specialist,

Claire McFeeter