At the most impressionable, confusing and sensitive time in our lives, we get hit with hormones and acne…some worse than others. Why?

Hormones - They change everything and including telling our glands how much oil to produce tell the bodies.  The skin needs oil to sustain our acid mantle so we don’t get infections and to coat our hair. This though is also why we end up with pimples. If the body produces too much oil and the skin is not being exfoliated often enough then the build up of dead skin cells sit on the top of the skin and the excess oil being produced cannot get out of the skin. This makes the perfect atmosphere and breeding ground for pimples.

Our time poor teens find it hard enough to cope with tidying their rooms let alone cleaning their faces properly, but its key to reducing acne and ultimately scarring  which is a lot more difficult to treat later on and I am sure we all agree…prevention is better than a cure right!.  In an ideal world Teens should be on a basic 5 step daily program.


External factors can all contribute to the Teens skin – like the hat they wear (without washing for weeks on end), or washing their hair more often.  (Some conditioners can cause skin irritations on the back so just watch that too).  

At Oi we have a dedicated one hour education, treatment and product pack to get your teens on the road to beautiful skin.  We have devised a sound method that works for our teenage.  Mums, you can stop the nagging, for $99, your teens will thank you in years to come.