Skin and the Change of Seasons

Let’s talk about what is happening to your skin as the season changes into the cooler months. Many people notice a change in their skin as the weather gets colder. 

Skin may become dry, dull and flakey, and show signs...

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The Sun…..friend or foe?

Ah, the happy hormone is produced with exposure to the sun.  the dark sun kissed skin looks so healthy and our appearance, well it looks like we have lost a few pounds…the reality…

Premature aging, pigmentation, wrinkles and in worse cases...

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At the most impressionable, confusing and sensitive time in our lives, we get hit with hormones and acne…some worse than others. Why?

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Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Skin care

“Don’t eat this, don’t do that, use only this. This is what I did? ….sound familiar?

 It’s a minefield out there with all the Do’s, Don'ts and Recommendations that sometimes...

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Q: “My skin has become very dry and flakey over the colder months, why is this?”

What a great question, this is something many people experience but are unsure what to do about it. There can be many factors contributing to dry skin, so I will list and explain the top 5 for you...

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