Skin and the Change of Seasons

Let’s talk about what is happening to your skin as the season changes into the cooler months. Many people notice a change in their skin as the weather gets colder.

Skin may become dry, dull and flakey, and show signs of irritation such as redness, tightness and itchiness. Mature skin is especially prone to this.

All of these symptoms are a sign that our skins barrier has become unbalanced and is not functioning well.

Our lifestyle habits change over winter, more hot drinks, longer and warmer showers, more layers of clothing, more time indoors and a colder, dryer air temperature which can all lead to our skin becoming sensitive, unbalanced and dehydrated.

We can combat this by ensuring we stay well hydrated, feed our skin from the inside with essential fatty acids and alter our skin care routine to include nourishing and hydrating treatments and products.

The Ultraceuticals B2 Hydrating serum is a must and if you’re using a moisturizing lotion try changing to a cream and you may need to change from the Gel Cleanser to the Milk Cleanser. The Ultra Replenishing Mask can be used more often and left on the skin overnight for an extra hydration boost. Come in and see us for a Repair Skin Workout and LED Treatment as both are great for dehydration and cell renewal.

Meeting the needs of your skin over winter will decrease the likelihood of sensitivity to your products and treatments and allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where they are most effective. Your skin will love you for it!

Any concerns or questions please talk to your skin therapist at your Oi studio.