About Us

Welcome to the award winning Oi Cosmetic Studio.

At Oi, we believe everyone should have access to products and treatments that make them feel better about facing the world. Together with our skin specialists, up to the minute equipment, and your commitment, we can get the results you never thought possible and it won’t break the bank.

Directors Trudi McConnell and Abby Withers both bring something very different to the business and together they can deliver comprehensive solutions to Oi’s wide range of clients.

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Co-Owner Director

With a relentless passion for business and a sense of humour, I work extensively in the background of Oi Cosmetic Studio. The finance, growth strategy, marketing and business structures keep me busy as we have big plans for this ever changing industry.

The creation of OI was a journey not to be ‘over thought’. Waking up one morning I wondered who the person was looking back at me. 16 years a smoker, many years of sun worshiping, 2 wonderful children, relocated to 3 continents and…, the aging to match.

It was suggested by a close friend to try an IPL treatment. I was so astounded by the results. I thought everyone should know about it and be able to afford it. The opportunity came up in 2010 and I formulated the clinic and membership concept which was to be delivered by Co-owner, Abby Withers.

I am privileged to be part of something that not only makes people feel so much better about themselves, but also the opportunities this business creates for so many. I can only hope that the success of OI in the long term will enable me to give back to the world in some memorable way.

Abby Withers

Co-Owner Director

Abby Withers

Oi Cosmetic Studio’s success starts and ends with its people and its clients.  I shared the dilemma of doing things differently in a very tough market and worked out the detail of the membership option with extensive knowledge as an experienced and qualified Skin Aesthetician. 

Having experience in the industry it has been a priority for OI not to try to be all things to all people but focus on Anti-aging, and results driven treatments that would ensure repeat business, word of mouth client base and attraction of like-minded employees. I work closely with all the studios to make sure our vision is shared and we have the best results possible at affordable prices.

I have many aspirations for the future including creating as many opportunities as possible for our employees and opening as many clinics as we can without compromising the brand and service excellence that is valued above all else. 

I live my dream everyday doing what I love and creating opportunity for others along the way. I hope to give back to the industry extensively and be a leader in my chosen field.